About US

1. About US

         VisionMaya is the brand of Shristee Animaax.Visionmaya.com is a site for selling augmented reality Multimedia products like flashcards,books,calendars and all kind of printing materials.

SHRISTEEANIMAAX Multimedia Studio was founded in the year 2000. It all started as a Animation company Knowledge of CG (computer Graphic) and programming. We then came together as a team of professional Developers and designers and started providing valuable services to our clients from 2004.

Around 2014 we Started RND (Resarch and Development) about the future techknolodgie of AR augumented Reality Now we have Vision Maya a native tool for Giving products and solutions.

When we started out, we worked on several simple as well as complex projects. This helped us gain a lot of knowledge and technical expertise. Our skills and experience will help us deliver the right solutions for you based on your own requirements, expectations and budget.